Bridging the gap between cultures and programming languages over continents! is a developer conference from Europe. It brings people from various programming disciplines together in order to create the ideal environment to share knowledge.

This year, will be in Linz / Austria!. The first was in İstanbul / Turkey!

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Ars Electronica Center

Art, technology, society. Since 1979, Ars Electronica has sought out interlinkages and congruities, causes and effects.

The ideas circulating here are innovative, radical, eccentric in the best sense of that term. They influence our everyday life—our lifestyle, our way of life, every single day.

For more information:

Ars Electronica Center
Ars-Electronica-Straße 1
4040 Linz, Austria

T: +43 732 72720

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  • € 5,50 Ham and cheese sandwich in a baguette with tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise
  • € 3,90 Frankfurt or Debrezin sausage with horseradish, mustard and organic bread rolls
  • € 11,50 Mixed leaf salad with strips of breaded chicken breast, pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds
  • € 11,50 Viennese Schnitzel from Turkey with parsley potatoes and green salad
  • € 9,50 Penne all`arrabbiata
  • € 9,50 Penne all`carbonara
  • € 7,90 Greek Bread organic rye bread with oven baked vegetables and grilled feta cheese, served with tzatziki


Joanne Cheng


An experienced developer who thinks a lot about data visualization, best practices in Object-oriented programming, and web standards.

Lea Verou

Front-end Engineer

Previously worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C and currently spends her days writing and designing her first book (CSS Secrets), published with O’Reilly in 2014.

Anika Lindtner

Travis Foundation

Co-founder of Rails Girls Berlin, works at Travis-ci, runs the Travis Foundation and organizes Rails Girls Summer of Code.

Mitchell Hashimoto


Founder of Hashicorp, Creator of Vagrant and Packer, O’Reilly Author, Developer Obsessed with Automation.

Joshua Ballanco

Glencoe Software

Joshua Ballanco has built operating systems with Apple, a local news site with AOL, served as Chief Scientist at Burnside Digital. Spoken at technical conferences on all things Ruby, MacRuby, and RubyMotion.

Mikael Konutgan

all about apps

iOS developer at all about apps. Mikael has a eclectic history, but it suffices to say that he spends his days studying mathematics and hacking in Ruby and Objective-C.

Mike Adolphs


Operations expert. Previously automating infrastructure for and XING, he’s now making people’s life a little easier at GitHub.

Burak Yiğit Kaya


Front-End Infrastructure Engineer at Disqus and also responsible for the whole translation system and its automation.

Markus Prinz


Born naked, helpless, and unable to fend for himself, Markus eventually overcame these handicaps and evolved to become a coder, a cook, and all around human being.

Steve Scott


A developer for over 25 years and worked on more platforms using more tools than he can remember. Currently works as a developer evangelist for RemObjects Software.

Muhammet Sena Aydın


Python developer. He developed various applications with python, ruby and groovy. He is one of the leading members of Python İstanbul group

Piotr Szotkowski

Warsaw University

A hacker scientist: an assistant professor at Warsaw University of Technology, a Ruby developer at Rebased and a founding member of Warsaw Hackerspace.

Pascal Precht


Software Engineer at CouchCommerce. He loves contributing to open-source projects and develops web applications with the AngularJS Framework.

Andreas Tiefenthaler


A Ruby developer and evangelist from Austria. He loves Docker and likes to give a hand to beginners!

Mathias Bynens


Web developer from Belgium. He likes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Unicode, performance, and security.

Carina C. Zona


A developer and advocate. She teaches for many women’s tech outreach groups, and served for a year on RailsBridge core team. She is the founder of @callbackwomen, an initiative to connect first-time speakers with conferences.

Arne Brasseur


Developer, speaker, programming coach and open-source contributor. He is teaching and exploring the finer points of Ruby, Emacs lisp, Bash, Mandarin Chinese, and others.

Chris Bruckmayr

Ars Electronica Futurelab

Business Manager and Flight Crew Member of Spaxels (Ars Electronica Quadcopter swarm).


Registration & Welcome PartyFebruary 28, 19:00


Grab your badge, enjoy your drink and meet with people! Have fun!

Conference DayMarch 1

Registration 08:30

Grab your goodies from info desk!

Welcome Speech 09:00

MMag. Klaus Luger
Mayor of Linz

Gürsel Evren
General Consul of Salzburg

Katrin Eckstein
Academic and Cultural Affairs Officer
Austrian Embassy of Turkey

Track 1 / Skyloft

  • 09:30


    Steve Scott

    Going Native

    Scotty will talk about the benefits of platform-native application development!

    Explain why RemObjects have made the choices they have in producing their cross platform native tools.

    He will also take the opportunity to announce at a brand new tool for native C# development on the mobile platforms

  • 10:00


  • 10:15

    Joanne Cheng

    Beyond the Bar Graph

    Turning set of numbers into a simple graph can instantly tell us a story about data. However, there are times when a standard graph isn’t enough.

    Sometimes we need to search for alternate ways to visualize our data so we can communicate with users better.

    In this talk, we’ll be looking at different data sets and the standard ways of representing them using as bar graphs, line graphs, and scatter plots.

    We’ll then explore less common, creative, and unique ways of visualizing the same data sets and the reasoning behind the graphics we create.

    We’ll be utilizing two popular JavaScript libraries for data visualization: highcharts.js and d3.js, and talk about the benefits of each library from a design and developer viewpoint.

  • 10:50


  • 11:05

    Burak Yiğit Kaya

    Continuous Translation: I18n in Agile Projects

    Translations or rather internationalization in projects are usually a “post-release” step and managing them was always quite a burden:

    string freeze → extract those strings → send strings out (or put them in a DB) → wait for translations to come in → get the translations in the app → release.

    If you notice errors in your translations, rinse & repeat, GLHF.

    In this talk you'll see a new approach that will make you stop worrying about translations and have them as a part of your CI stack.

    Burak will be sharing the journey and machinery behind getting the distributed social network Disqus available in more than 28 languages and counting, without hampering their development speed and daily deploys.

  • 11:40


  • 11:55

    Joshua Ballanco

    RubyMotion’s Secret Sauce

    On the surface, RubyMotion is a tool that let’s developers use Ruby to create desktop and mobile applications.

    Look a bit deeper, though, and you’ll find a community of developers actually having fun building libraries, coming up with new ways to design apps, and sharing what they’ve learned with each other.

    In this talk, we’ll go over how to get started with RubyMotion, look at some of the features that make it so much fun to work with, and briefly survey some of the many available libraries.

    In the end, even if your next app isn’t a RubyMotion app, hopefully you’ll at least catch the spirit embodied by the RubyMotion community.

  • 12:30


  • 14:00

    Mike Adolphs

    Make Your and Other People’s Life Easier: Do Support!

    In order to become a better developer you’ll have to spend some time doing support.

    Here at GitHub developers help out with support on a regular basis, leading to a better experience for our customers.

    Some even work on both: half development, half support. I’m going to show you why I think support is awesome and how it makes you better at writing code!

  • 14:35


  • 14:50

    Mitchell Hashimoto

    Vagrant, Packer, Serf: Maximum Potency DevOps

    In 2013, we saw the introduction of many new DevOps tools and existing tools such as Vagrant saw some huge improvements and features added.

    With all this change, its hard to keep up with not only what has changed, but how to use these changes and what benefits they have.

    This talk begins by briefly introducing a handful of my own tools: Vagrant, Packer, and Serf.

    I talk about what their purpose is, some of their latest features, and who is using these tools.

    I then continue to show how these tools can be used along with other software such as Docker to create some truly amazing development and production stacks.

    For production stacks, I discuss the benefits of using some of these tools over existing options, and for development stacks, I show how Vagrant improves process and workflow to help streamline the entire process from development through to production.

  • 15:25


  • 15:40

    Mikael Konutgan

    Objective-C for Rubyists

    Objective-C might look like a crazy, complex and verbose language to the seasoned Rubyist.

    In reality, they share many features.

    This allows you to use your knowledge of Ruby to quickly get started with Objective-C.

    In this talk, I will give an overview of the syntax and semantics of Objective-C and compare and contrast it with Ruby where appropriate.

  • 16:15


  • 16:30

    Mathias Bynens

    10 Things I Didn’t Know About HTML

    Web development never gets boring to me. Not just because nowadays, new HTML5 technologies are emerging like tubes of spaghetti at a pasta factory - but mostly because there’s always something new to learn.

    Even the oldest, most reliable features of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, the basics that we take for granted every day, are full of hidden gems or restrictions.

    During this talk, we’ll take a look at the more obscure parts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and demystify some of them.

  • 17:05


  • 17:20

    Carina C. Zona

    Doctor, Lawyer, Poker Player, Physicist:
    The Best Engineers We’re Not Competing To Hire Yet

    The team needs more engineers and we need them today. We talk about the engineer shortage.

    But the problem is not what we think it is. We’ll explore how hiring for only CS degrees misses exceptional opportunities.

    Unconventional backgrounds breed great developers. Homogeneity boxes us in. Diverse teams are more productive, more profitable, and more excited about what they’re accomplishing. Diversity isn’t just demographics. It’s about benefitting from distinctly varied perspectives.

    Who better than the former philosopher, marine biologist, stage hand, or anthropologist?

    In this talk, we’ll walk through why it’s worth competing for them. Forget the rock star; hire the opera singer.

  • 17:50


Track 2 / Seminarraum

  • 09:30


    Lea Verou

    The Chroma Zone
    Engineering Color on the Web

    We use color every day, but how well do we really understand it?

    More often than not, we are merely scratching the surface of a large and complicated discipline.

    In this dynamic session, we will scratch a little deeper, and you will be surprised at how deep the colorful rabbit hole goes.

    How does color work on our screens? What’s the difference between color models and color spaces? Which existing features of CSS Color are we underutilizing?

    What’s in store for CSS Color level 4? How can we pick both aesthetically pleasing and accessible color combinations?

    This is not a design talk, it’s a technical talk about the inner workings of one of the most important design aspects, with many practical takeaways.

    Whether you identify as a designer or a developer, you will walk out of this session with a newfound confidence about anything color related.

  • 10:00


  • 10:15

    Pascal Precht

    AngularJS and i18n

    Building Single Page Applications with the AngularJS Framework works like a charm.

    It gives you Dependency Injection, Two-Way Data-Binding and it's built with testability in mind.

    Another feature of AngularJS is localization. This, however, is restricted to datetime, number and currency operations on a filter level.

    Pascal will show you how to go beyond the basic AngularJS localization support with the angular-translate module, by making use of the provided Two-Way Data-Binding mechanism.

    This talk is especially for people who haven't done much with AngularJS yet.

  • 10:50


  • 11:05

    Anika Lindtner

    How to Get More Women in Tech in 5 Steps

    How to get a director, a french philologist and a photographer to write code for three months?

    How to get more women into Open Source?

    How to get them more visible? And on stage? With Rails Girls Summer of Code we achieved all that.

    I’m going to talk about last year’s RGSoC and why we are going to do it again this year.

    What we can achieve in one summer and what we can’t.

    How to get a dozen sponsored full-time scholarships in under three weeks. How to change some lives. And why.

  • 11:40


  • 11:55

    Piotr Szotkowski

    Fly, You Tools!

    As developers we heavily depend on our tools of the trade, as oftentimes mastering them means getting out of deep trouble so much faster.

    This talk covers some lesser known features of our everyday infrastructure : Git, PostgreSQL and command-line; tricks which make using these tools such a pleasure, regardless whether it’s for shaving yet another yak or saving one’s own skin.

  • 12:30


  • 14:00

    Markus Prinz

    How to Become a Better Developer

    How do you become a better programmer? There are a lot of blog posts, articles and books dedicated to this topic.

    They all contain specific pieces of advice, but rarely actually answer the question of how to systematically develop your skills.

    I will talk about the scientific research & findings, showing how a system to improve your skills would look like, and put you on your way to become a well-rounded developer.

  • 14:35


  • 14:50

    Andreas Tiefenthaler

    Build Your Own Shipyard

    On how to stuff your application into Docker containers, wire them up and make them ready for shipping.

    We sail through the oceans of code and the bays of operating systems.

    The adventure ends in the harbor of polyglot deployments after we sailed around the great reefs of pitfall.

  • 15:25


  • 15:40

    Arne Brasseur

    2004-2024 : Two Decades of Web Services, A Retrospective

    With the rise of mobile phones and browsers as application platforms, web API’s are something we simply can’t get around anymore.

    The world, and the web, is changing as we speak, and people are scrambling to figure out how best to build their services.

    Having watched this evolution from its early days, and having consumed and built API’s of various flavors, I want to take a moment to trace Web Services back to their humble RPC roots.

    From there we’ll follow Fielding through a landscape of REST and Hypermedia, to arrive at a marvelous vista of connected services in a world of computing that is always-on and always-online.

  • 16:15


  • 16:30

    Muhammet Sena Aydın

    The Ultimate Python Database Toolkit: SQLAlchemy

    Meet SQLAlchemy. A high performing, mature, easy, non-opinionated database toolkit which doesn't get in your way

    SQLAlchemy does exactly what you command it to do. You can turn it into a highly usable ORM or use it as an impressive SQL abstraction toolkit.

    We are going to discuss the basics of this great tool and compare it to other existing libraries.

    It's worth noting that SQLAlchemy is used by Reddit, Uber, Fedora, Mozilla, Dropbox and many other companies for years.

    It's time to exit via dolorosa.

    Your presence is expected.

  • 17:05


  • 17:20

    Chris Bruckmayr

    Spaxels - Ars Electronica Quadcopter Swarm

    The Spaxels, the 3d-Pixels that the Ars Electronica Futurelab has created based on quadcopter-technology, have proven their skills to paint logos and animations into the sky a number of times.

    The idea is both simpel and powerful: In order to create more complex 3d-forms than you usually could with the limited amount of Spaxels, you use a so-called Real Time Lightning Paint Video System.

    The human eye can only perceive lightsources, but can’t really track their light-trail, something that cameras can do.

    They are set up for long-exposure-shots and through this, you can create complex 3d-models out of nowhere, using the Spaxels, cameras and screens.

  • 17:50


Closing Talk! 18:00

Stories behind the scenes! Fun fun fun! Want to hear all about it? Then join us!

End of Sessions 18:20

After Party 19:00

Celebration begins! at Ars Electronica Center

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